Established in the year of 1996, Tulip Chemicals is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of fine quality
Chemicals. As a chemical company, we hope to capitalize on our research and development capabilities,
technological prowess, and ability to supply quality products. We produce a continuously expanding line of chemicals
which has achieved a reputation for quality standing in international markets.

We started from kilo lab. Production of various organic bromides and has now expanded to a level of large scale production of specialty and fine chemicals. We Specialize in custom synthesis of speciality and chemicals.

We have expertise in resolving any complexicity  related to manufacturing of any Bromine Compound – You name it, We can manufacture it. Our exposure permits us to utilize any brominating agent for bromination. Some of the brominating  agents we have delt with are:

  • Liquid Bromine
  • Hydrogen Bromine  (Gaseous & Aqueous)
  • Phosphorus Tribromide (PBr3)
  • Phosphorus Oxybromide (POBr3)

Our thorough knowledge and rich experience enable us to develop a full proof UN approved packing for hazardous, toxic and moisture sensitive products which also increase the shelf life of our product.

Our product quality is recognized by the international market and we export our products directly to our end customers.

Our Policy

We strive to offer the best products & in time services to our customer and give a customer satisfaction level tending
to infinite. We believe that customer satisfaction is the scale of success measurement.

Our persistence to employ :-

:: updated technology
:: best resources and Employee upliftment methods
:: management system
:: our R&D skills and Hi-tech Lab Instruments
:: pollution Control Systems
:: our extensive knowledge of chemistry & chemical engineering.